23 July 2009

How about another 4 dozen cupcakes?

Vanilla and chocolate cake, vanilla butter cream icing, chocolate and marshmallow fondant cut outs.

19 July 2009

Final for the Fondant and Gumpaste Course.

Vanilla butter cake with chocolate butter cream filling and icing. Chocolate fondant and marshmallow fondant cut outs.

A couple of bubbles formed on the ride home from class, due to the extremely high temperatures here. Even with the air conditioning on, it didn't seem to prevent it.

16 July 2009

Birthday cake order! Yippee!

Vanilla butter cake, Swiss meringue butter cream icing, sliced strawberries and Swiss meringue butter cream filling.

12 July 2009

Chocolate chip banana bread.

I had some bananas that I needed to use and some left over chocolate chips. I wanted to use the new bundt pan that T's parents had sent me. Perfect Sunday project. I'm pleased with the results.

11 July 2009

Sea o' cupcakes.

On Thursday, a friend at work told me she wanted to buy cupcakes for a reception after a funeral that took place today. She said the bakery down the street was asking $30.00 for 12 cupcakes. Wow. Steep.

I made her 4 dozen with royal icing flowers. She said that everyone at the reception loved them and asked how to get in touch with me if they needed something.

It's always nice to hear that you're hard work is appreciated. It's especially nice when it's something you love doing so much.

I wish I had taken a picture of the 50 finished cupcakes sitting on the box on my counter.

07 July 2009

More rose practice.

A woman in my office is leaving this week. I offered to make the cake so I could practice. I need to work on my writing but I'm pleased with my progression with the roses. The cake is lemon with strawberry filling and I put a 1/2 teaspoon of lemon extract in the icing. Admittedly, I sampled an excessive amount of icing and can declare that it is delicious.

06 July 2009

Rose practice inspired by Penny.

A little practice time is good. They're getting better. Now, back to practicing.