18 June 2009

Possibly pathetic.

I took a 1/2 today to study for an exam I have tomorrow afternoon.

I baked and decorated cupcakes instead.


I'll post pictures of all the baked goods I made for tomorrow's charity bake sale (as soon as we get our USB cable back from T's father). I made seven layer bars, cranberry cheescake bars, chocolate peanut butter bars and vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream icing and royal icing flowers.

All proceeds go to St. Mary's Food Bank.

Edit: Found a spare USB cable! Yippee!

Chocolate peanut butter bars.
Cranberry cheesecake bars.

Seven layer bars.

Vanilla cupcakes with vanilla butter cream frosting and royal icing flowers.

My goodies all boxed up!

13 June 2009

Course 2 Final cake.

It is a génoise with lemon syrup, lemon curd filling, vanilla buttercream icing and royal icing flowers.




12 June 2009

My first génoise came out perfect. I'm really excited to taste it. I made a lemon syrup and a lemon curd filling (pictured below). I've iced it for cake decorating class. We complete of final cake tomorrow. I'll post pictures after class.

I also made a dark chocolate tarte for a wine and food tasting party I'm attending tomorrow. I'm making fresh whipped cream to top it with. I'll be pairing it with a Shiraz.

08 June 2009


I purchased a tarte pan yesterday. I plan to use it to bake apple pies in. I'm going to attempt a dark chocolate tarte this weekend though. I'm attending a wine tasting party Saturday night. We are to bring a wine that we pair with an hors d'ouvres. I want to pair the wine with a pastry and I read a nice Shiraz is fantastic with dark chocolate.

*fingers crossed*

07 June 2009

Pansy, primrose, daffodil, daisy and my nemesis, the Victorian rose.

I am still working on the rose. I enjoyed making the other flowers though. I will, one day get this rose worked out.

02 June 2009

Swiss Meringue Buttercream Icing

Tonight I tried a new recipe for Swiss meringue buttercream! Delicious! I remember having this at a wedding once and loving it. I didn't know what it was at the time. I decided to ice cupcakes with it. mmmm!