21 May 2011

Ballymaloe Brown Bread... still not the right bread.

I am still in search of the bread we had in Ireland every morning. Considering that every where we went served it with every meal, you wouldn't think it would be so hard to find a recipe. I tried the recipe for Ballymaloe Brown Bread for epicurious.com. While delicious, it's not the right bread. I will make it again though. It's simple, only requiring one rise and no kneading. It has a nice crust and was fantastic warm with some nice Kerrygold Irish butter.

Wee little almond cakes

It's been a ridiculously awful two weeks at work. I left on Friday feeling frustrated and tired and looking forward to a day off. On my way through the mall, I passed Williams-Sonoma and decided that today was the day. I was going to go in there, pay more than I probably should, and leave with the NordicWare Teacake pan I had been coveting for ages. If I was coming back to work on Sunday, I was coming back full of tiny, tiny cakes.

16 May 2011

Fluffy Pink Bunny Cake

I am pretty sure that my ridiculousness knows no bounds. Just because something is made to look ridiculous, though, is no reason that it shouldn't also be delicious. Case in point, the Fluffy Pink Bunny cake.

08 May 2011

Ireland and the search for the right Irish brown bread.

I've been meaning to write about our honeymoon, but between adjusting to the time change on the way back and our normal schedule kicking my butt the past week, I was too exhausted. I've been craving Irish brown bread, which we ate daily, since we've returned home. I have a loaf of it in the oven as I type (smells wonderful), so I figured, "What better time to reminisce?"

01 May 2011

Chocolate Biscuit Cake

While we were in Ireland, I tried every dessert I could get my hands on that I'd never seen here. Chocolate biscuit cake was one of those.