27 August 2009

My first tiered cake!

I'm really happy with how this turned out. As such, I've posted many pictures. (I apologize, I'm not sure how to do a "cut" on here, yet.) Butter cake, 4 layers each tier, filled alternately with vanilla butter cream and whipped ganache.

23 August 2009

Carrie's Birthday Cake

Guinness chocolate layer cake filled with Bailey's flavored chocolate ganache, iced with Bailey's flavored butter cream icing. An Irish Car Bomb cake. mmm!

19 August 2009

4x3 cake pictures, finally.

A simple vanilla butter cake with butter cream icing and royal icing Easter lilies. Just a quick cake for a dinner with our friend, Shari. I should have placed it next to something larger for scale. Ah well, it was nummy!

17 August 2009

Cake pan love.

I love Fat Daddios cake pans. LOVE.

I bought a 4x3 square pan for an up coming order. I tested it out on Friday. Adorable.

I'll post a picture of the quick little birthday cake I whipped up, tomorrow.


13 August 2009

Cake business (and busy-ness)!

I have to make a cake each week for the next six weeks! Yay!

08 August 2009

Just finished my last cake class...

... for now. I may take Advanced Royal Icing Flowers or a string work class at a later date, but for now I'm spent. We made royal icing Easter lilies, poinsettias, petunias and morning glories. I'm missing the last class of this course because I'll be in San Diego the weekend of that class. We were to make a tiered cake, but I have an order for one any way and the book explains it very well, so nothing missed.

The poinsettia picture is awful, but T ate it right after, so no chance of a re-shoot. oops!

Cake and pie!

My fourth order! yay! They really liked the cake I make in this post, but asked for assorted berries and angel food cake. They also ordered a banana coconut cream pie. It was my first time making one and toasting coconut. I had a bit leftover so I was able to try it. Yum! T liked it too!

01 August 2009

Course 3 Class 2 - Gift cake

Gum paste roses, I love making these.

Gift cake. The fondant bow could look better. It's a bit too dry here in Arizona, it's hard to work fast enough.