31 May 2009

Royal icing flowers and color flow birds.

The flowers and birds we made from lessons 1 and 2 of Course 2.

A close up of the birds. They're made from color flow icing. They take a day or two to dry.

A close up of the flowers; apple blossoms, violets and a chrysanthemum. A bit more practice and they'll be just right.

30 May 2009

Course 2!

Course 2 has begun and is wonderful. I have flowers to take pictures of.

I know that many people take this course and then post their pictures. The cakes all look the same but I think the techniques are fantastic to launch some really creative projects, even if the course designs seem a bit pedestrian.

These classes have been a good outlet for me. I haven't felt this inspired since art school.

11 May 2009

Dora The Explorer

One day, I'll make a child's theme birthday cake for an actual child.

I practiced roses over the weekend. It will take time, but I am getting better at it.

This turned out better than I was anticipating.