25 July 2010

Recipes #31 and #32

My sister came up for the weekend so we could go to her dress fitting for her bridesmaid dress. Just 54 days until our wedding, T and I are so excited!

I woke early on Saturday to whip up orange cranberry scones for breakfast. They filled the house with a wonderful aroma with the fresh brewed coffee. Simple enough to make and so lovely to savor.

Later that evening, T was headed to a poker game with his friends. I always make something for him to take along. He always acts embarrassed, stating he's the only one that arrives with baked goods, but I know he and the guys love it. I decided to try out peanut butter cup rice krispies treats, that I saw on one of my favorite blogs, Brown Eyed Baker (both of the recipes in today's post are from there). I've mentioned Michelle's beautiful blog before, so if you're not following her, get on it!  

They are amazing and should probably be illegal in all fifty states. T won his poker game and it was unanimously decided by all the guys that these are the most addictive treats ever. Pictures below! 

Just twenty recipes more to reach my goal for 2010!

17 July 2010

Leave the oven light on. Recipes #29 and #30.

I have a confession. I love to watch every thing I bake through the oven door window with the oven light on. I'm obsessed. I can't help it. It amazes me to watch something from start to finish. I would be crushed if we didn't have an oven window, because obviously I can't open the oven door every two minutes, it would ruin the process. I feel like the rise of the bread or cake or the browning of the crust is air in my lungs or the beating of my heart. I feel thrilled to see each item becoming what I hoped it would. T is the only one who witnesses my gestures of joy and goofiness.

In person, I'd like to think I'm fairly reserved with my emotions. I used to be less reserved but experiences have made me feel that at most times it's best to not wear one's heart on one's sleeve. If I like you, I bake for you, I feed you.

Tonight we're having new friends over to visit and we're making them dinner. I decided I would make Cloverleaf dinner rolls from my favorite baking cook book, The Art and Soul of Baking and a Fresh Apple and Toffee Tart from Hershey's Recipe Collection, a gift from T's parents for our wedding shower, that I've yet to try a recipe out of.

10 July 2010

What to do. What to do.

It's guys night out, so T is at a baseball game with his friends. Although I had options for going out, I decided to stay in because life has been hectic every weekend for the past month and is only going to get more hectic.

I'm feeling antsy though. I should be relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine, a movie and my pup. I've finished all the errands and chores for the weekend, leaving tomorrow wide open.

I'm antsy to bake.

It always seems to calm my nerves.

I have so much on my mind. Our wedding is in seventy days. I keep wondering if we're doing enough. Should I have centerpieces? I don't want them really... they'll get in the way of the giant bowl in the center of the table for lobster, clam and mussel shells. Should I have favors, even though I decided to make a donation to The Arizona Human Society instead? Should we have a brunch on Sunday for our out of town guests? So much to think about...

So tonight, instead of thinking I shall bake Starry Starry Night cookies from Gesine Bullock-Prado's book, My Life From Scratch: A Sweet Journey of Starting Over, One Cake at a Time. You should pick it up, it's a great read. Charming, funny and wonderful. Her macaroons are fantastic.