29 April 2009

Hello Kitty birthday cake.

Long story short, I made this for a male friend at work who turned 30 today. It's not perfect, but it's not always about perfection.

Raspberry filling.

Icing dam and raspberry filling.

Crumb coat.

Final icing.

Decorated with Hello Kitty!

28 April 2009

Name change...

I wasn't in love with the original blog name so I've changed it.

It means Cakes and Sweets in Gaelic.

25 April 2009

Banana Pecan bread.

Woke up early to take my sister to the airport. When I arrived home, I took some time to snuggle with T and the pup. Then I baked some bread. Yum, nice warm bread for breakfast!

19 April 2009

Three Cake Week

I baked three cakes this week (only 2 of which are pictured below).

I made a Guinness chocolate cake for a party I went to. It's the hostess' favorite. I've made this cake before and it's delicious. It has a cream cheese frosting.

The second cake was my final cake for Course 1. I find the roses frustrating and must practice over the next month. Course 2 does not begin until 16. May 2009. Fortunately, we don't need to create a cake until the last class. Whew! I'll be able to get back on track with WW.

09 April 2009

Easter Cake

I really loved the way last week's cake turned out so I did a similar design. I changed the icing color to look more like my favorite hydrangeas and I made some flowers to add to the sides of the cake. I'm waiting for the icing to set, then I need to figure out how to place them. hmm.

Also, I realize I need a better set up for photographing this, better angles, backdrop, staging... etc.

06 April 2009


I'm going to attempt making a ganache with Bailey's to fill my next cake with.

04 April 2009

Cake Decorating Course 1 Lesson 3

I enjoyed this week so much I registered for Course 2, starting on 16. May 2009.

The cake is yellow cake with strawberry filling. Vanilla butter cream icing.