31 March 2009

Animal Cops Phoenix

Although this show is fantastic, I may need to stop watching it. I cried through last night's episode.

I've considered becoming a vet or vet tech to work with AHS. I just don't know if I could do it as I would not have patience with people who abuse/mistreat/do not properly care for dogs. Making a dog part of your family is as much a responsibility as having a child.

I just don't understand people.

Animal Cops Phoenix

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  1. I agree. I immediately change the station when I see any of these shows! I cry like a baby :(
    I don't have pups (yet..thinking of getting a German Shep) but I have two cats and they are my world! I can't imagine folks who do mistreat any animal. It's horrid :(

    You would make a wonderful addition to that field! D is spoiled proof! :) Kisses to him!