11 May 2009

Dora The Explorer

One day, I'll make a child's theme birthday cake for an actual child.

I practiced roses over the weekend. It will take time, but I am getting better at it.

This turned out better than I was anticipating.


  1. Wow! this is awesome B! Each cake you post gets better and better!

  2. Thanks Penny! I've been lucky enough to have needed to make and decorate a cake each week. Practice, practice, practice! I actually got paid to make this one! Yippee!

    Have you found a cake dec. class yet?

  3. I found one but it doesn't start up until next month. I was too late to get in this time around :)
    Thats rad to get paid! I love that. I would love to do this for a living :) Maybe even like event planning.

  4. I start June 9th!! I'm excited!

  5. Thanks Mara!

    Yay Penny! I'm so excited for you! :)