29 June 2010

Cake decorating equipment and storage.

I've accumulated quite a bit of cake decorating equipment. We don't live in a very big space and trying to store is all is difficult at best.

Then I saw this!

The Stanley Fat Max! It's perfect! The bottom compartment holds my fondant rolling pin, silicone mat, cake boards, buckets of fondant and gum paste. The second compartment is sectioned to hold my fondant and cookie cutters, foam shaping pieces, cupcake papers and little items that could easily be misplaced. The top compartment has two sections, the bottom holds my pastry/icing bags, rulers, scissors and smaller rolling pins and the top holds all my food coloring bottles, icing tips (there are over 50) and shaping tools, exacto knives, paint brushes, vanilla pen/brush. It's incredible. Everything but my turntable fit! It closes up to easily be wheeled into our spare room closet, tucked out of the way until I need it. The way in which it expands when opened leaves my table clear for use and my tools with in reach right next to me.

Ah! It's so nice to be organized!


  1. Have you seen the Cricut Cake yet? It looks pretty neat but also looks like it could take the skill out of that kind of thing.

    It would probably be perfect for someone like me who can't cut anything evenly or in a straight line to save my life.

  2. I did see that. It's a neat idea but I love to create all that by hand. It's pricey too!