24 January 2011

Bridget: Irish Cream Cookies

Hi! I'm Bridget and I'm here to share my adventures in baking. On Saturday night, my husband requested cookies. Ready and willing to comply, I started to dig for recipes. Suddenly, he had a flash of inspiration: "Are there Irish cream cookies?" After some googling, I found that there were and after a few minor tweaks to the recipe I settled down to make them.

All my favorite recipes start with at least one stick of butter. This one started with two.

We rang in the New Year with Irish cream and A&W root beer and we could certainly spare a cup of it for rich, delicious cookies.

The butter and sugar get creamed together and after the eggs are added, the Irish cream is poured in.

With the flour added, it started looking like cookie dough. It took all the willpower I had to keep from eating the dough. Well, willpower and disapproving looks from the man on the couch behind me.

Ignoring the instructions, I took small handfuls of dough, rolled them between my hands, then rolled them in sugar mixed with a liberal dash of unsweetened cocoa powder.

Then I pressed them between my palms and lay them on the baking sheet. Less than ten minutes and 350 degrees later....

This is definitely a cookie I'll make again. They were cakey and rich, the flavor of the Irish cream really shining through. Next time, though, I'm going to try rolling them out 1/4 inch thick, cutting them into circles, and sandwiching them with chocolate buttercream.

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