12 March 2011

Baby shower cupcakes!

I had a cupcake order this morning. Three dozen cup cakes for a baby shower. I made one dozen lemon filled with lemon cured and iced with Swiss meringue butter cream, one dozen chocolate filled with raspberry and iced with chocolate butter cream and once dozen vanilla butter iced with butter cream. I'm really pleased with how they turned out.

I found really cute cupcake wrappers at Fancy Flours that perfectly matched the mom-to-be's nursery colors. I purchased a cupcake stand from Cupcake Tree and trimmed it with ribbon to match the colors. My husband sampled the extra cupcakes I had and said they were delicious. I'm partial to the lemon ones, but then again, Swiss meringue is my favorite icing. With two and a half pounds of butter, you can't go wrong. Delicious!

Chocolate and lemon, followed by vanilla.
Aren't the wrappers darling?

We'll be off to Ireland in just five weeks for our honeymoon. I'm planning to bake something to celebrate St. Patrick's Day next week and will hopefully have time to make a couple more new things before we depart. 



  1. Swiss meringue buttercream was a pain to make but I never want to make another icing ever again, it was so delicious. I think I'll share my whole St. Patrick's feast this week. :)

  2. I know. It's so buttery and wonderful. I had it on a wedding cake once and didn't know what kind of icing it was. Once I figured it out and found a recipe, I never turned back.

    Yay! I may post Irish soda bread. Yum!

  3. Not only do those cupcakes look delicious (they really, really do), they also just look so well-put together. Very professional, nice presentation. Well done!

  4. Thanks Jason! I'm hoping to have a bakery (or something similar) one day!