17 June 2011

It's that time of year again!

Yep, time for the charity bake sale at work. I spent all day yesterday baking, taste testing and packing my items. I pared it down a bit from previous years. I made seven layer bars (they're always a big seller), mini coconut cream pies with graham cracker crusts, cranberry cheesecake bars and lemon blossoms. This last item is new for me.

T's father made them and brought them to Maine last year for pre and post wedding gatherings. They were so delicious and lemony. They reminded me of glazed cake doughnut wholes. He sent me this recipe from Paula Deen. I thought this was a family recipe, made from scratch, but it's not. It uses cake and pudding mix. I prefer recipes that don't use mixes. They are delicious though and if you're in a bit of a hurry, they don't take too long to make. The recipe makes about five dozen. Great for a big family picnic or fourth of July party!

 I had today off from work, so I dropped off the goodies for the bake sale this morning. I hope everything sold well and money was raised for St. Vincent de Paul Charity.

Up next? This weekend I'm going to make the bread I've been raving about because my flour came in Tuesday!

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