09 June 2011

Banoffee Pie!

We had this delicious pie our last night in Galway. It is a banana and toffee pie that can be made with either a graham cracker crust or a regular pie crust. I decided to use a basic graham cracker crust. I found the filling recipe at A Beautiful Mess. The filling was the right flavor but consistency wise a bit off from what we had. It should be creamier. Next time, I think I will try making this recipe, from Saveur.com.

I think this is a great summer recipe because it requires no oven time and it is served cold. I love cold desserts in the summer! It is rich, so a small piece will satisfy and not leave you with that heavy feeling in your tummy.

In other news... I finally was able to get the recipe for the bread I've been pining over that we had in Ireland. I e-mailed the bed and breakfast owner that we stayed with in Dingle, An Spéice. She was kind enough to e-mail me the recipe and I've ordered the required flours from King Arthur Flour. I should be receiving my order this week! We are going to have this bread all weekend! Yum!

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