24 November 2011

Apple Streusel Cake

I told you that I had a few posts up my sleeve! Here is the first, apple streusel cake. In September, if you recall, I went apple picking with my friend Mary. I picked a half bushel of apples. I made 4 pans of apple crisp, crock pot apple sauce (which I used in my next blog post) and then when we were sick of the apple crisp, I made this cake. 

It was so, so, so delicious! Unbelievably wonderful. My husband loved every bite of it. 
 It is similar to a coffee cake but with warm soft apples in the middle. The cake stays moist for days. I like to butter my bundt pan and then coat it in a dusting of granulated sugar instead of flour. It gives the cake the slightest crust on the outside which is a wonderful contrast to the soft apples inside. Most recipes say to butter and flour the pan. I like that the sugar melts to the cake, but also allows it to slip from the pan beautifully. Just look at it! Perfection!

 It is lovely warm from the oven or at room temperature the next day. Great for breakfast or dessert and is a great fall cake. 

Yum! The recipe is from the Bundt Classics Cookbook by Nordic Ware. It was a gift from my husband's parents and has had nothing but great recipes (see my next post for another one I sampled)!

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it today!

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