03 October 2010

Recipe #40 Creme Brulee

We're back! The wedding was amazing, the whole day was AMAZING! So much fun! We've been married two weeks now and love it.

Admittedly, I was itching to bake on our honeymoon and the minute we got home I made some sugar cut out cookies with the lobster and scallop cookie cutters I received as a wedding gift. 

We also received a culinary torch and creme brulee dishes as a wedding gift. Naturally, I made creme brulee this weekend. It is one of my favorite desserts, but sadly I've only had truly great creme brulee once. I've tried it at many restaurants and based on how mediocre some of them had been, I was a bit intimidated about making it. I figured if a restaurant can't get it right, it must be difficult to make.

Not true!

I found an Alton Brown recipe. I love his recipes, they always work just as they should. More...

 Above, cream and vanilla bean. Below, vanilla sugar and six egg yolks (I made a yummy omelet with the egg whites this morning).
 Alton Brown's recipe for Creme Brulee! Thanks Alton!
 Egg yolks and vanilla sugar whisked together.
 Into a 325 degree oven for 40-45 minutes.
 In to the fridge to cool for at least two hours. This is a time intensive recipe. You whip it together in about 30 minutes but wait 45 minutes for the backing process, two hours for the cooling and then 30 minutes at room temperature before the torch is used.
 Yay! My first use of my new culinary torch from Crate and Barrel. I love it! I wish the flame had shown in the photos. I loved the smell of the sugar melting and the crackling sound it made.

 Crack! Perfection.
Just look at that crust!
 So creamy! This is the perfect dessert!

Back to wedded bliss! ;)


  1. It was so good! I wish you could have had some. It made far too much for just T and I.

  2. This "neighbors" thing clearly has to happen. Then we can share baked goods and keep each other company. And knit together!