23 November 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Our computer is on the fritz. Apparently, the fan needs to be replaced. It was making a terrible clicky clunky sound. I took off the covering, vacuumed the fan, put the covering back on. The clicky clunky sound was gone, but now it was loudly whirring. Whirr. WHIrr. WHIRR!!!!

So it's been shipped off for repair. Best Buy can't replace fans. They don't even sell them, they informed us and then asked if we backed up everything (we did, of course, being so wise). Bon Voyage little one.

We miss you.

Honestly, trying to respond to e-mails, track on Weight Watchers and respond on Facebook is challenging on my wee little smart phone. Fortunately, I can access Weight Watchers from work. Nothing else, though. Boo.

Any who... we're preparing for the annual Thanksgiving gorging, in which we are grateful for... Tums. I'm making cloverleaf rolls , apple pie and garlic mashed potatoes. Tim will be roasting the turkey, making the stuffing from scratch and gravy. We'll be traveling to his brother's house to celebrate with his middle brother and my sister.

I love this time of year. Perhaps because it was my mother's favorite holiday and she always seemed so happy (she would have been 56 years old today). Today I am grateful for the ten short years I had her in my life and for the memories I have of her untainted by my teenage angst years. Every time I bake an apple pie I think of her. Tonight I'll be making my pie crust and peeling and slicing apples. Tomorrow I will assemble the pie and bake it. I love the aroma of a pie baking in the oven. It always transports me to our first house and my mother in the kitchen around Thanksgiving. She did not bake often, but she did bake one pie for Thanksgiving and to this day, apple pie is my favorite. Thanks Mom!

Happy Thanksgiving!

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