17 November 2010

Recipes # 47 - feta, roasted red pepper and basil muffins

 This recipe is from The Art and Soul of Baking, which I've mentioned a bunch of times this year. This book, has without fail, the best recipes and instructions in it. I've never had a recipe go awry. Everything has been delicious and come out beautifully. My husband has great taste in cookbooks!

I love that this is a savory muffin. I bought a basil plant for my kitchen window and this is the first recipe I've used it for. The smell of freshly cut basil is intoxicating and wonderful.

 I love that the recipe uses low fat buttermilk. It keeps the muffins moist.

 We served them with a nice fresh vegetable pasta dish. Perfect compliment!


  1. So I have T to thank for such a wonderful cookbook! He's a very smart man.

  2. Yes! He is a very wise man and a great gift giver! ;)