10 November 2010

Seven more recipes to go...

Yep, seven recipes and I will have completed my New Year's resolution.

I've been thinking about what to do with this blog after that. I have seven "followers" but no comments. I know I started this blog for my self, to track my progress with baking, but a blog really isn't a blog without readers, is it? As such, I'm considering scrapping it.

I look at all the baking blogs that I read and some of them are so engaging. When reading, I almost want to be friends with the author. I admire their style and ability to make their entries both education and entertaining. I don't know that I have the writing skills to achieve that. I wonder what their first year of blogging was like. Does it take time to build a base of readers? Perhaps I should find a blogging for dummies type book.

It's also a bit of an internal struggle... I'm very private, yet want to share. I want readers, but I worry about those overly critical mean comments that I see on some blogs.

Any how, I've made some persimmon cookies that I write about later this week.


  1. I think you do have the writing skills to keep going, you just have to believe in your capabilities. I really, really enjoy reading this especially when you get into a narrative, either about the baking itself or what the food makes you think about. And your pictures are always wonderful, of course. If it's just self-consciousness about your readers, link it on the board or send out some self-promotional e-mails, or join the Food Network message board. Lots of options. :) I believe in you and I love what you're doing here. Please don't stop.

  2. B-I understand what you mean by all of this. I think it takes a lot of time to get your blog out there. I have been blogging for like six years and I still only have like 29 followers and only 3 of them comment. I have heard to really get your blog out you have to visit others and comments and then they "return the favor". I am entirely too lazy for this which is probably why I still only have 29 followers :)

    The big plus side to your blog is that it has a theme! My blog is all over the place. Your blog has rhyme and reason. Plus, lots of people are into baking!

    As far as the privacy stuff-I use code names for everyone. Hubs is named Hubs...never used his real name, friends have code names, etc. My last name is not given my blog is not attached to my FB, etc. I think you can reveal more without revealing your identity.

    I hope you stick with it! I would love to read more of whatever you have to offer! ♥

  3. Thanks for the suggestions and support Penny! ♥