07 January 2010

The holidays are over.

Over the holidays, I baked many a cookie. For Christmas I received 6 new baking pans and two new baking cook books, Rose's Heavenly Cakes and The Art and Soul of Baking. This lead me to my New Year's resolution to bake one new recipe a week.

So far I've baked snickerdoodle cookies and today I made cinnamon chip muffins. My co-workers are going to love me . While I've made this resolution, I've also resolved to lose weight for our upcoming wedding in September. All proceeds of resolution one go to work to help me achieve resolution two!

The muffins are cooling as I type and I'm about to make a nice gooey glaze for them. mmm!

Edit! Muffins are done! T already ate two and I had one. They are super tasty.


  1. Those look amazing B! I love your resolution!
    It's very cute and very YOU :) Are you going to progress your recipe a week on this blog?

    Happy New Year doll!

  2. Thanks!

    I am! I forgot to get pictures of the snickerdoodles and by the time I remembered, they were gone!

    Happy New Year!